The dynamic artworks on display at Galerie Helder are not limited to one medium

In The Hague’s busy city center, Frey Feriyanto’s gallery is an oasis of calm. Upon entering, Marian Genet’s colorful wall tapestries immediately capture the eye. They are made of an attractive material (a mix of acrylic, premium yarn, monks cloth and organic liquid rubber latex) and combine a multitude of energetic colors.

Genet is one of the young artists represented by Galerie Helder. The gallery has been around for almost 13 years now and shows works by artists that experiment with a variety of materials and techniques. One example is Sanne Terweij, who creates wall objects constructed from copper and brass treated with chemical processes. Normally, corrosion and oxidation cause materials to lose value, but Terweij aims to achieve just the opposite. Because her works are composed from many small parts, their appearance changes depending on the light exposure and the position of the viewer.

In addition to objects by Sanne Terweij, Galerie Helder will show work by AndrĂ©s Gallego, Philippe van Gele and Bas Wiegmink at the KunstRAI. A solo exhibition will be dedicated to Wiegmink’s powerful paintings, in which he unites nature and architecture into almost psychedelic representations.

Curious about what else there is to see at Galerie Helder? Check out the interview with gallery owner Frey Feriyanto below (Dutch).

Image left: Sanne Terweij, Thunder title, 2020, pigments, oxides on brass, brushed brass frame, 30 x 30 x 40 cm.