Chrysalid Gallery: ‘A pulsating core of transformative energy’

A sponge, the eraser on the back of a pencil or the brake pad of a car: artist Miroslav Cukovic uses unusual objects as stamps. He dips them in color, stamps until they no longer give off this color, and then starts over. His artworks thus exhibit a high degree of regularity, but in an organic rather than an artificial way. The constantly repeating forms and subtle color transitions give the works a unique sense of movement, which really only comes to life when seen in reality.

The first solo exhibition in The Netherlands by American-Yugoslavian artist Cukovic’s was on view at Rotterdam’s Chrysalid Gallery until April 8, 2023. ‘Chrysalid is a conceptual and experimental gallery,’ says owner Alexey Shifman. ‘We work with young artists from all over Europe and want to give them space to experiment and grow.’ The gallery aims to transform the contemporary art world to better reflect the diverse human experience. Cukovic’s solo exhibition ‘Lateral views’ was, for example, a reflection on the anxiety brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. During KunstRAI, Chrysalid Gallery will show works by Caio Marcolini, Jake Kelly and Vladimir Radujkov.

Curious about these artists and their work? Check out the interview with Shifman below (English).

Image on the left: Vladimir Radujkov, Red noise 02′, 2022, acrylverf op doek, 30 x 30 cm.