Backstage Academy

KunstRAI x Rietveld Alumni: A Hook’s Eye

The Backstage Academy is a visual arts presentation where alumni from 2020, 2021 and 2022 of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam will present their artworks. A jury has selected works by 23 artists from the many submissions. The works form a diverse exhibition that reflects the artistic talent of the young, emerging artists. For example, there is the work of Yiyi Chen, inspired by her student room in Buitenveldert. Or Laura Bouman’s photography, a family portrait influenced by the world of vehicles. Installations, sculptures and video art will also surprise at the Backstage Academy.

Participating in KunstRAI 2023 is only open to galleries; work by individual artists is not normally shown. Backstage is different, which is why the latest developments in contemporary art are visible so well here. This generation of artists, who graduated during the silent COVID-19-years, is now benefiting from the platform that KunstRAI /Art Amsterdam has to offer them.

On Saturday May 6th from 12PM – 1PM, the alumni will organize Artists Talks at the Beeldenplein at KunstRAI. This provides a unique opportunity to learn more about their artistic processes, vision and practice employed.

The Backstage Academy will show artworks by:

Enzo Aït Kaci – Tasha Arlova – Sanne van Balen – Tasio Bidegain – Laura Bouman – Yiyi Chen – Benjamim Furtado – Nina Gierasimczuk – Vivian Mac Gillavry – Juhee Han – Karin Iturralde Nurnberg – Lotte de Jager – Håkan Karvonen – Ingeborg Kraft Fermin – Diesel Lace – Jonas Morgenthaler – Bonnie Ogilvie – Oskar Frere Smith – Wooryun Song – Anton Shebetko – Eefje Stenfert – Joana Velu – Qiran Xu