Post Modern Collection: ‘small masterpieces’

Anyone who visits Post Modern Collection in Amstelveen may have to search a bit, because this initiative by Woes van Haaften is located in a unique building: a former school. When the front door opens, however, your search is immediately rewarded. A classroom and the corridor on the first floor, where pupils used to happily run around, are now the domain of Sebastiaan Straatsma’s design vases, Roosje van Donselaar’s golden masks and Bernard Heesen & Nienke Sikkema’s multicoloured jewellery boxes. All these different works have one thing in common: their small size.

‘I believe in giving everyone the opportunity to buy high-quality contemporary art,’ Van Haaften explains. ‘That is why I invite artists and designers to tell their story through so-called small masterpieces. Because why does everything have to be super big and super expensive? I think it is actually a refreshing challenge for artists to express themselves on a smaller scale. It forces them to look at art differently, discover new territories and broaden their horizon.’

Curious about the stories behind Post Modern Collection’s small masterpieces? Watch the interview with Van Haaften below (Dutch).

Image on the left: Bernard Heesen & Nienke Sikkema, ‘Jewellery box’, 2023, glass, 22 cm.