Sculpture Square

This year, participants at KunstRAI once again exhibited works of monumental scale in the entrance. These sculptures and installations are rarely seen in gallery spaces or studios due to their imposing size. The monumental Parkhal of RAI Amsterdam provided the ideal opportunity for artists to present such works, with its nearly 12-meter-high ceiling.

Participants at the sculpture square included:

Guido van Amelsfoort – Luycks Gallery
Sander Buijk – Gallery Untitled
Erik Buijs – Huub Hannen Galerie
Nicolas Dings – Jan van Hoof Galerie
Maja van Hall – Kyas Art Salon
Roland de Jong Orlando – GALLERY40NL
Pet van de Luijtengaarden – Galerie Frank
RAIDER – Wanrooij Gallery
Donald Schenkel – Root Gallery
Peter George d’Angelino Tap – Chiefs & Spirits
Helen Vergouwen – Kunsthandel Meijer
Sjef Voets – Contempo
Gerbrand Volger – Ten Haaf Projects
Harald Vlugt – 99 Gallery
Eelke van Willegen – Franzis Engels
Marjolein Witte – Galerie SANAA