Artistic WOW: Creative Expression at KunstRAI

WOW is an innovative artistic hub located on Wildzanghlaan in Amsterdam. Serving as both a living and working space for recently graduated artists, it provides abundant opportunities for mutual inspiration and collaborative projects. This leads to captivating synergies across visual arts, fashion, design, music, and film. A thoughtfully curated selection of these collaborations, assembled by gallery owner Rob Malasch, was exhibited during KunstRAI / Art Amsterdam 2024.


Aurélien Lepetit – Benine van Karnebeek – Erik Kessels – Frank Schallmeier – Harry Ruhe – Jeanne Vrastor – Joost Benthem – Lilian Eliens – Michelle Bazzoli – Michiel van Nieuwkerk – Bénine van Karnebeek- Tild Greene