KunstRAI x ArtEZ BEAR Fine Art alumni

The Backstage Academy is an exhibition of visual art where alumni from a Dutch art academy showcased their work. A jury had selected pieces from the ArtEZ Academy in Arnhem from an exclusive number of artists from the bachelor’s program BEAR (Base for Experiment, Art and Research) from a pool of numerous submissions. The resulting collection forms a diverse exhibition that reflects the artistic talent of these young, emerging artists. In addition, the installations, sculptures, and video art at the Backstage Academy are sure to captivate.

Participating in KunstRAI 2024 is reserved for galleries; typically, individual artists’ work is not featured. Backstage, however, presents a different perspective, offering a glimpse into the latest developments in contemporary art. This generation of artists takes advantage of the platform provided by KunstRAI / Art Amsterdam to showcase their talents.

The Backstage Academy showed artworks by:

Andrew Veloso Watkinson – Bart Pols – Carmen Molenaar – Fie Andersen – Frida Berntsen – Gideon Kramer- Hankyul Jeong – Inez Ishizaki – Jamell Saman – Levi Overvest – Laila Saber Rodriguez, Arushi Nayar, Fatima Ali Naser, Ju-Yeoul Han – Larissa Esvelt – Lesse Melijn van der Veer – Puck Melk – Ro Smit – Ster Borgman – WONNE – Xam van Kempen – Yip Stals – Ingmar de Wijk – Ida Leijting – Fie Bekkers Andersen

Left: Jamell Saman 

Andrew Veloso Watkinson, ‘When the Body Disappears.’