‘Skeleton’, 2024, wood, varnish, ceramic, plant,
ca. 240 (l) x 205 (B) x 270 (h) cm

Marjolein Witte (Eindhoven, 1979) is a Dutch painter, installation artist, writer, teacher and social worker whose work explores territoriality, sense of home, place and identity. Since 1998 she has lived and worked in Utrecht, where she studied Fine Art at the Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU). She is best known for her large angular sculptures and installations with bright colors and geometric patterns. In Witte’s latest works, she explores personal and collective stories by combining constructions with ceramic elements, processed plants and text. She attempts to create a dialogue between geometric abstraction, playful figuration and text.

About her own work, she says the following: ‘In our daily lives, we strive to conquer our place in the world, both as individuals and as part of a collective. This quest unfolds through a multitude of actions, both subtle and grand. Occupying space involves embracing our authentic selves, experiencing security, presenting ourselves to the world and influencing our environment. I explore the visual and tangible constructs of architecture, public spaces, the natural world and human behavior. Using color and patterns, architectural constructions, textual and ceramic elements, I try to unravel the intricate connections between physical space, experience and the human psyche. Sometimes location or thematic focus is crucial in shaping and determining the narrative and aesthetic direction of my works.’