HARALD VLUGT – 99 GALLERY (booth 15)

‘The Clown’, 2024,
Medical plaster and wood, 150 x 70 x 76 cm

Harald Vlugt (1957, Bergen) showed at the Venice Biennale (1988) and created all the sculptures and ornaments for the Oranje Zael in the Huis ten Bosch Palace Nagasaki, Japan (1995).                                                                                                                                                             
In 2017 he made a 25 meter high bronze monument to memorize the 50 years of existence of NATO. Vlugt worked with the avant-garde gallery The Living Room in Amsterdam. In 1986, he stepped over to Gallery Nikki Diana Marquardt in Paris. Since 2017 Vlugt has worked with Gallery Saro Leon, Las Palmas, Canary Islands. 99Uitgevers/Publishers  will publish Vlugt’s oeuvre book in March ’24 during his solo exhibition at the KunstRAI / Art Amsterdam.