‘Meduso’, 2023, glaced ceramic,
ca. 100 x 160 x 60 cm

The work of Guido van Amelsfoort (1986) is rooted in an ‘urban culture’, in which breakdance, skating and graffiti are the order of the day and night. He summarizes his experiences in refreshing and witty ceramic sculptures and tableaux in a completely unique idiom. He also occasionally produces bronze sculptures. In his work, Van Amelsfoort attempts to make memories tangible, to realize dreams, to pursue the perfect and to capture nothing less than the spirit of the age. At the same time, he expresses the contradictions he struggles with in his artistic life: raw versus slick, hard versus soft, realistic versus abstract, fragile versus strong. Classic themes such as space and time are also addressed, while the connoisseur can discover references to great masters of the past.

Guido van Amelsfoort, whose ‘roots’ are in Goirle, was a few years ago part of the Brabant trajectory jump!, springboard for talent. Guido van Amelsfoort is represented by Justin Ten Haaf (Amsterdam) and Luycks Gallery (Tilburg).