Gallery Nono: Bertrand Fournier’s colorful abstraction

A field of wild flowers, a cross-section of a lemon or a deconstructed butterfly: Bertrand Fournier’s paintings are open to many different interpretations. Through their titles, Fournier subtly steers the viewer in a certain direction. The name of his latest series of works, ‘Oysters chapter one’, for instance, hints at the brushstrokes he uses: a technique that is the result of no less than two years of research.

At the Boekhorststraat in the city center of The Hague, Fournier’s colorful representations are on display in the bright Galerie Nono. The gallery shows a selection of works from the favorite artists of owner RenĂ©e van Nievelt. These include artists from different countries, bringing with them a variety of styles and techniques. Examples are Nuria Maria, Wim Nival, Camille Truyffaut and Bertrand Fournier. Fournier’s latest ‘Oysters’ series is on display for the first time at Nono and will therefore have a solo exhibition, both at the gallery and during KunstRAI.

Fournier started painting by chance in 2016. He was then in his early thirties and worked as a psychiatric nurse. However, what started as a hobby quickly became a flourishing career. Curious about how this happened, or looking forward to a preview of ‘Oysters chapter one’? Watch the interview with Van Nievelt below (Dutch):

Image on the left: Bertrand Fournier, ‘Oyster 22’, 2023, oil and acrylic on canvas, 80 x 60cm.