8. Raider – Wanrooij Gallery

Raider, ‘Monument of Scoop’, 2023, hand painted polyester, Wanrooij Gallery (stand 18)

The artist RAIDER (21 year old) from Holland created an iconic sculpture with his figure Scoop, which electrified art collectors and gallery owners shortly after the first publications.

‘I would like to trigger an imaginative and real interaction with the viewer with my character. My first sculpture Scoop is intended to bring joy and color into the world and at the same time has a purpose,’ says the young, 20-year-old Dutch artist RAIDER.

Scoop is out of this world. RAIDER gives its creation various attributes along the way. Scoop is good, kind, peaceful, and curious. In a way endowed with a childlike innocence, he has landed on our planet and is now discovering our world and its inhabitants. The imaginative examination of the fictional character and his actions is a central concern of the artist.

‘As Scoop tries to understand us humans and our planet, he learns and copies like a child – always with no bad intentions, but with the ability to ask questions without formulating them,’ says the artist RAIDER.

RAIDER lives and works in Holland. Recently he has his own studio near Amsterdam. He combines digital with craft and experiments with all available technical methods and materials. His fresh art has a very unique signature: it is simple and perfect, unusually colorful, but not gaudy.