5. Quinda Verheul – Root Gallery

Quinda Verheul, ‘Utopia’, 2023, styrofoam with velvet, Root Gallery (stand 82)

For this outdoor installation, Quinda Verheul was inspired by the origin of gold. A material that is so valuable and precious to us, seems to be abundant out there; in space. Meteorites and asteroids, composed of nickel and metallic iron with a solid gold core, hit the Earth which resulted in the exposure of gold. Quinda was fascinated by this natural phenomenon and created an installation that reminds of this process. The pitchblack sculptures have a velvety texture which gives the work a galaxy-like image.

Quinda immerses herself in the constantly changing landscapes and the influence that humans have on them. She is fascinated by natural forces like wind, water, and sunlight, and often addresses grand topics like the exploitation of natural resources which alter the landscape. Yet, there are different aspects to the same topic which Quinda explores in different series. This is reflected in her use of raw, earthy materials such as sand and natural stone. Mirrors form a returning metaphorical element in her sculptures and installations which invite spectators to reflect on themselves while simultaneously exploring different perspectives. The results are unique aesthetic translations that are able to present new confrontational information within a certain comfort.

Quinda Verheul works in the realm of sculpture and has created several great installations as well. She works autonomously, and also applies her practice to commissioned artworks.