3. Sina Dycks – SBK Galerie

Sina Dyks, ‘Flowing Neurons’, 2021, 29% reclycled PET, 29% polyester, 14% cotton, 14% metallic en 14% filling, edition 3, 175 x 265 cm, SBK Galerie (stand 55)

Sina Dyks, ‘Swimming Cells’, 2021, 86% recycled PET yarn en 14% filling yarn, edition 3, 175 x 310 cm, SBK Galerie (stand 55)

Sina Dyks, ‘Sumptous Field’, 2022, 43% recycled PET yarn, 43% twined mixed yarn en 14% filling yarn, edition 4 + artist proof, 220 x 175 cm, SBK Galerie (stand 55)

Sina Dyks creates ingenious textile works in the form of colorful, seductive installations. Dyks demonstrates versatile knowledge of materials and innovative technical ingenuity. For example, she knows how to upcycle plastic into beautiful yarns that she then weaves into her textile sculptures. She combines a traditional working method with technological know-how. For instance, Dyks herself has designed a program for the loom. She uses steam to bring out the yarn in specific places; she thus transforms the woven surface into a three-dimensional landscape.
Sina Dyks challenges the boundaries of the loom, but also those of our perception; her imposing textile sculptures float in space and tempt us to take a closer look. The urge to innovate and love for the material radiate from these stimulating, inviting works.